Philosophy of Education

First and foremost, Cornerstone Christian Academy stands on the principle that all truth is God’s truth and that the Bible is the foundation for all subject matter. Therefore, instruction at CCA is grounded in the infallible, unchanging Word of God.

A global, Biblical perspective is taught so that students gain a proper understanding of their personal role in this world. As the Bible states in Psalm 139, each student is a unique individual, fearfully and wonderfully made with purpose. At Cornerstone, we provide varied opportunities for each student to discover their identity in Christ, how to live out His calling on their lives, and how to use their distinct gifts to impact the community around them.

As we strive for excellence in education, our aim is to promote high academic standards while helping students develop creative and critical thinking skills using the best, integrated curriculum available. Since we view the Bible as a living roadmap for life, its principles of truth are applied to all subjects. This, coupled with the presence of God’s Holy Spirit working through our faculty and staff, takes education beyond mere programming, methodology, and techniques.

Because our physical bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, students are taught how to make wise choices concerning health and wellness through a variety of activities and presentations. This component rounds out our approach to educating the whole child and encompassing all aspects of their person.