Financial Aid

Need-based Financial Aid Program

Since 2006, Cornerstone Christian Academy has offered an excellent education program based on Biblical principles to the children of families in our community.  As a parent-sponsored school, the financial responsibilities for the school rest on the families whose children attend CCA.  At the same time, the Board of Directors understands the financial challenges facing many parents today and has established protocol for families to apply for financial aid.

The cost of a private Christian education represents a significant investment in the future of a family’s children and requires difficult financial choices and sacrifices.  Prior to applying for financial aid, we ask that you carefully review your family budget to identify discretionary spending that could be reduced in order to make the tuition more affordable.  In addition to applying for aid from CCA, please also consider seeking assistance from your church and family members.

The financial aid program at Cornerstone Christian Academy is guided by our belief that parents have an obligation to pay the education expenses of their children to the extent that they are able.  The purpose of the financial aid program is to fill the gap between the actual cost of the annual tuition and what a family can realistically be expected to pay toward this cost.  We urge you to pray that God will provide what is needed.

Financial aid is offered in the form of a grant and does not require repayment.  Financial aid is awarded for tuition only and does not cover student fees, lunches, transportation or any other incidental expense. As families decide whether to accept a financial aid grant, it is important that they carefully consider their financial obligation for the remaining portion of tuition, including fees and other incidental cost of attendance.

All applications and financial awards are kept strictly confidential.

How Need is Determined

As is common with most independent schools, financial aid awards are decided by the Academy’s Financial Aid Team, which is appointed yearly by the Finance Committee.  Cornerstone Christian Academy has partnered with FACTS – a Nelnet company – to process tuition aid applications.  FACTS provides standardized and impartial processing in a confidential but customizable online setting.  Parents requesting financial aid are required to complete a FACTS form online. You may click on the logo to the left to launch the online application form.

The methodology used by FACTS to determine parental contribution considers many items, including assets, liabilities, family size and the number of students in tuition-charging schools.  The Financial Aid Team also differentiates between necessary expenses and those that are simply lifestyle choices.  Also taken into consideration are the student’s academic records, parental volunteer service to CCA, and emergency situations or hardships.  Cornerstone Christian Academy does not withhold financial aid awards on the basis of sex, race, color, national, or ethnic origin.

All families meeting the guidelines for the Maine Children’s Scholarship Fund (MECSF) will be required to apply for that scholarship as a condition for financial aid consideration.  A link to the MECSF website is provided below.

Should I Apply for Financial Aid?  Will I Qualify?

While an education at Cornerstone Christian Academy is an excellent investment in your child’s future, we realize it is one that also represents an expense that may stretch the finances of some families.  Presently, there are no income level guidelines that qualify a family for financial aid.  We encourage families to complete the financial aid process if they feel that the full cost of tuition is more than they can afford.

Timetable for Applying for Financial Aid

February 1 to February 28 – Re-Enrolling families apply to FACTS for financial aid.

Financial aid applications will be reviewed as they are received during the Re-Enrollment Period and families will be notified of their award in a timely manner.

March 1 to April 30 – New applicants or families that are intending to re-enroll but have not done so during the Re-Enrollment Period apply to FACTS for financial aid.  Please note that re-enrolling families will have priority for financial aid awards if funds are limited.

Financial aid applications will be reviewed as they are received during the Open Enrollment Period and families will be notified of their award in a timely manner.

New families applying for enrollment after April 30 may still apply for financial aid with the understanding that financial aid awards will be determined according to funds available.

Financial Aid Awards and Payment

Because financial aid awards are based on the school’s annual budget and the demonstrated need for each application received, award amounts may vary from year to year.

Financial aid awards will be applied in ten or twelve (depending on the payment plan chosen)  equal payments and will appear as a credit on monthly invoices.

If a student moves, drops out, or has to leave Cornerstone Christian Academy for any reason, all rights to financial aid may be forfeited.  Refunds may not be given and all balances must be paid.

Maine Children’s Scholarship Fund

The mission of the Maine Children’s Scholarship Fund (MECSF) is to increase the educational opportunities for the children of low-income families.  It provides tuition scholarships for students in grades K-12 for public school, private school, or home schooling expenses.  The organization provides 75% of tuition per child up to $1,700 for families that meet the fund’s Income Guidelines.  The goal of the MECSF is for all Maine families to have maximum educational opportunities at all income levels.  The deadline for application is April 30, 2017.  Go to for more information and to complete the online application.