Classroom Parents

Classroom Parents is a program organized by the PTF that helps teachers coordinate special events and activities in their classroom and builds community among parents by giving them opportunities to be directly involved in their child’s classroom.  Each Classroom Parent commits to communicate regularly with the teacher in order to identify needs such as classroom supplies, volunteer help, and treats for classroom parties.  Once a need is identified, the Classroom Parent notifies other parents of students in that classroom and organizes volunteers.  Classroom Parents also commit to pray for the teacher and students in his/her designated classroom.

Classroom Parents for the 2016-2017 year are as follows:

PreK – Olivia Belanger
Kindergarten and Grade 1 – Kristina Braley
Grades 2 and 3 – Roberta Haley
Grades 4 and 5 – Heidi Simoes
Middle School – Jodie Rooney
High School – Jodie Rooney