Status of CCA for 2017-2018

Presque Isle, ME – August 29, 2017.   Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Board of Directors recently announced the school will not open for the 2017-2018 school year.  “Since our Annual Meeting in May, CCA has experienced a steady attrition of students resulting in decreased tuition revenue which is the primary source of funding for the school,” said Dwayne Conley, CCA Board Chairman.

“Staff members have discipled our students in a meaningful way, building a foundation of faith that will serve them for a lifetime.  We are very pleased with the proven results of our academic program, our staff has done an amazing job,” said Conley.  The leadership team at CCA thoroughly and aggressively explored every opportunity to move forward with the start of school but ultimately made the decision to not open.  “As difficult as this decision was, we could not ignore the stress on our finances,” said Conley.

Mr. Conley facilitated family meetings on Thursday and Friday evening to answer questions, discuss options for students for the current school year, and to give parents an opportunity to share words of encouragement and gratitude for what the staff has done for them over the years.  After student transfer details have been completed, discussions regarding the future of the school will continue.