Where are they now?

Have you been wondering what the Class of 2016 is up to?  Well, the members of CCA’s first graduating class are busy with their new endeavors!  This series of posts featuring a few of our alumnae will give you a peek into what they have been doing since graduation.  They certainly are missed in the halls of CCA!

Haley Rowe

Our featured alumna, Haley Rowe, is currently attending Northern Maine Community College (NMCC) for Liberal Studies.  She works in the library at NMCC and also teaches dance classes. Haley says, “Cornerstone prepared me very well academically.  I do really well in college classes and I feel Cornerstone helped me with that.”  Last summer, Haley received an award of excellence in science and she gives special thanks to Mrs. Nicole Plourde for helping her find her love for science.  “Spiritually,” Rowe says, “Cornerstone has helped me keep my ground in a secular classroom and determine what I believe versus what other people say.  I have made tremendous friends in college and I still stay in touch with a few of my friends from high school.”

When an opportunity arises, Haley enjoys sharing her testimony and speaking about her personal experience with autism and how it has affected her life.  She says, “My autism has been a gift to me since I was little and I would not have my life any other way.  God gave me something so I can reach some people that others would not be able to relate to.  I love sharing my full testimony with other people who are willing to listen!”

Danielle Tardie

Danielle Tardie, recently completed her training as a Certified Nursing Assistant through Eastern Aroostook Adult and Community Education. Her pinning ceremony was held on December 15, 2016. Danielle says, “Cornerstone is an amazing school where I learned so much, not just academically, but spiritually as well. CCA did a good job preparing me for what lies ahead, showing me that I should lean on Jesus in tough times, and that I should be myself, no matter what.”

Danielle is anxious to put her training to good use and, once she has established work experience, she may consider returning to school to further her education. We wish her the very best in her new career!